Thursday, December 12, 2013

nothing to look at today. :(

I managed to get 2 pair of fingerless gloves knit for my mom and sister for Christmas, but forgot to take pics before they were sent on their way. soo... will have to wait till they get them and have them send me pics before I can post them. sorry! currently i'm working on a hat. my friend Lina created the pattern and i'm testing it for her. I have never "tested" a pattern for someone and this is proving to be a test both for Lina and myself as i'm such an idiot when it comes to patterns but we have found a few things that need to be fixed, so maybe it's a help after all??? will try and get some pics up as soon as it's done. today I bought some gorgeous new material to make new chair covers and pillows for my livingroom. totally changing the colour scheme from burgundy and burnt orange to teal and brown. yummy! again, will get pics up as soon as I can!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

repurposing jeans to make Skirts

I have recently learned how to properly make these skirts and went a bit crazy. :) these skirts are for some of the girls at the orphanage but the girls at school wanted them.
I also finished two little baby hats and another pair of baby socks...
this weekend i'll be doing some more skirts as I've had a rather large "Order" for them. too bad I don't get commission for them!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

gone knittin'

so apparently I've really caught the knitting bug! since coming back to Zambia I've knit up several little things. I really like little projects as they get finished so quickly! :) the first things I made were little teddy bear sweaters for my nephews' little cuddly friends.
this is my teddy modeling one of them. I also knit some socks and mitts for my soon-to-be niece or nephew Next blog I'll have to add the pictures of the little hats I made.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

catching up with pictures

having some trouble posting pictures which is why i'm behind with my blogging. now that i'm away from the bush and in town, maybe this will work better... I finally got my little bolero done. at first I had knit the ribbing too small to fit me so this is being modeled by a friend. I re-knit the ribbing to it fits me now and i'm very excited about trying it out!
I made these two little beach packs for my nephews. I myself one a side bag version long time ago and thought I would alter the pattern to make it for kids. they turned out pretty well, but I forgot that the backpack straps would get in the way when opened up. we'll see what the boys think next week...
in my excitement about going home for the holidays I knit this little luggage tag. I've also knit a matching sock and soon hope to complete a hat and mitten to match. then i'll be able to idendify my luggage without any problems! :)

Saturday, June 22, 2013

An Idea is Born

I sort of got the idea of having a craft blog after joining pinteret and seeing other people's blogs. This will mainly be pictures and is sort of more for myself than others but if you enjoy it, by all means follow along. :) over the past few weeks i've been working on a number of sewing projects, mainly converting jeans into skirts & quilts. This is what i've got so far... this didn't turn out quite the way i had hoped, it was my first attempt... next i did a long one... then i tried some ruffled ones... (these ones are not complete yet) i got sick of ruffles so took a break and made a little baby cocoon for my next neice/nephew. i still have to attach some velcro to fasten it shut. (the last pic is the pattern i used)