Thursday, December 12, 2013

nothing to look at today. :(

I managed to get 2 pair of fingerless gloves knit for my mom and sister for Christmas, but forgot to take pics before they were sent on their way. soo... will have to wait till they get them and have them send me pics before I can post them. sorry! currently i'm working on a hat. my friend Lina created the pattern and i'm testing it for her. I have never "tested" a pattern for someone and this is proving to be a test both for Lina and myself as i'm such an idiot when it comes to patterns but we have found a few things that need to be fixed, so maybe it's a help after all??? will try and get some pics up as soon as it's done. today I bought some gorgeous new material to make new chair covers and pillows for my livingroom. totally changing the colour scheme from burgundy and burnt orange to teal and brown. yummy! again, will get pics up as soon as I can!