Sunday, July 28, 2013

catching up with pictures

having some trouble posting pictures which is why i'm behind with my blogging. now that i'm away from the bush and in town, maybe this will work better... I finally got my little bolero done. at first I had knit the ribbing too small to fit me so this is being modeled by a friend. I re-knit the ribbing to it fits me now and i'm very excited about trying it out!
I made these two little beach packs for my nephews. I myself one a side bag version long time ago and thought I would alter the pattern to make it for kids. they turned out pretty well, but I forgot that the backpack straps would get in the way when opened up. we'll see what the boys think next week...
in my excitement about going home for the holidays I knit this little luggage tag. I've also knit a matching sock and soon hope to complete a hat and mitten to match. then i'll be able to idendify my luggage without any problems! :)